The Lifetime Package

With SEO for Jobs' Lifetime Package, you can post an unlimited number of job ads on Google for Jobs with no limited term or monthly cost. Are you someone who likes to work with predictability and get the best results with the least amount of effort? Then this is the plan for you. Below we've summarized all the benefits of the Lifetime Package and answered some important questions.

What features are included in the Lifetime plan?

Unlimited duration

The Lifetime plan is characterized by the fact that it includes an unlimited duration, which means that the job ads can be published for as long as the customer wishes.

Unlimited number of job ads

In addition, there is also no limit to the number of job ads. With the lifetime plan, as many job ads as desired can be published on Google for Jobs.

Employer profile

As with all other plans, the free employer profile is included. This makes you visible to potential applicants even before you publish your first job ad on Google for Jobs.

To the employer profile

Automatic import

If you want to place several hundred job ads in this plan, you do not have to enter them manually one by one, of course. With our automatic import tool, we can easily import your job ads from your career site or website into the SEO for Jobs tool, from where they will be published on Google for Jobs.

More info about the Autom. import

Personal contact in the support team

Our Enterprise and Lifetime customers receive prioritized customer support from our team so that we can assist you with questions and problems at any time.


In your SEO for Jobs account, after publishing your job ads, you can see how many applicants have already viewed the ad and where you rank on Google with your ads. Additionally, you can view detailed traffic numbers in your own website tracking account.

No monthly costs

An unbeatable advantage of the Lifetime plan is that there are no further monthly costs. The fixed price of €9,999 is only paid once, which means that, unlike the Enterprise plan, there is no longer any need for monthly accounting.

Future functions

In addition, you will have access to all further features that will be newly added by Google for Jobs and SEO for Jobs. For that, you can also feel free to reach out to our team anytime to know what enhancements are planned in the coming months.

  1. Unlimited job ads

  2. Unlimited duration

  3. Automatic import included

  4. Employer profile included

  5. No monthly costs

  6. Personal contact person

  7. Future features included


Is the plan suitable for me?

The Lifetime plan is suitable for everyone. Whether you are a large company, a recruitment agency or a developer. Even if you don't have many jobs open at the moment, the plan is worth it because unlimited job ads can be placed again at any time. This makes the plan particularly suitable for people who prefer planning and do not want to take out a subscription.

What expenses are incurred on my side?

You have the option of manually entering the job ads into the tool. However, the transfer of the ads to Google for Jobs happens automatically, which means that there is no additional effort for you there. Of course, you can also have your job ads imported automatically.

Do I have to maintain the jobs manually?

No, for a larger number of job ads you can use the automatic import, which is already included in the Lifetime plan. In addition, however, new jobs can of course be added and edited manually at any time.

Do I need a technician?

No, you do not need one. The SEO for Jobs team takes care of everything from importing your job ads into the tool to transferring them to Google for Jobs. No technical adjustments are required on your website.

Are there any additional or hidden costs waiting for me?

Due to the one-time payment, you do not expect any additional or hidden costs when placing your job ads. However, SEO for Jobs also offers to place ads on Google for individual job openings. This allows more applicants to become aware of the vacancy. An ad varies in price depending on the desired reach.

How can SEO for Jobs help me with recruiting?

As already mentioned, SEO for Jobs offers the free employer profile, with which one is already visible on Google before the publication of the job ads. There is also the so-called feature "Ad Boost”. Thereby every job advertisement can be advertised with one or more advertisements additionally at Google.

Which right of withdrawal applies?

The statutory right of cancellation applies.

Where and how can I cancel?

Since the plan does not have a fixed term, is only paid once and can therefore be used for a lifetime, cancellation is not necessary. If you do not wish to place any job advertisements at the moment, your account will remain valid and you will be able to place new job advertisements at any time.

Do I have a guarantee on the plan?

SEO for Jobs is present in 8 countries and has over 900 satisfied customers as the #1 partner for Google for Jobs.

If the contract is terminated due to the discontinuation of Google for Jobs, the software operation or the sale of SEO for Jobs in the first 18 months of the contract, the amount will be refunded proportionally.

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